About Us

What is special about Heartsease Cakes?

Well, we started out with what some may say is an old fashioned idea - that idea being that a business should put you, the customer, first with your comfort, pleasure and enjoyment being important to us; In short giving good service.

It is that good service, along with good tea and good cakes that we both love. We are a mother & son team who enjoy the challenges and pleasures that creating unique cakes for people gives us.

We have been creating cakes for 12 years and have a wealth of experience in techniques both old and new. From old school piping & sugarcraft floral ork to the latest techniques of airbrushing, chocolate sculpting and hand painting which enables us to provide high quialty, bespoke cakes.

We are creative and fun loving and enjoy meeting people and helping to make their 'cakey' dreams come true.